• Antennas3
  • Multi burialsyes
  • Range60
  • Released year2016
  • Availabilityavailable
  • Average price470$

ARVA AXIO official promo

An advertisement of ARVA AXIO features the design, control buttons and main functions of the device.

ARVA AXIO official description

Dedicated to the most exigent users, the AXIO is the high-end beacon of the ARVA range. Thanks to the “SPHERIC SEARCH TECHNOLOGY”, the 60 meters bandwidth AXIO is the only beacon on the market processing an entire spherical search with 3 antennas working simultaneously. The 3rd antenna can be deployed to create a real landmark built by the 3 antennas of the beacon.
The “Spheric Search” technology is marking the end of the well know sequence: “big antenna on primary search second antenna on secondary search and 3rd antenna on final search”. Now with the AXIO all 3 antennas are working simultaneously for a faster and smarter route search.
  • transceiver: 457 kHz, international frequency
  • digital and analog
  • simultaneous detection of multiple victims with creation of scrollable list
  • marking function (3 or 5m) for multiple victims situations
  • group check
  • motion detector for automatic switch to transmit mode
  • dynamic interference management
  • operating time: 250+ hours
  • power supply: 3 AAA/ LR03 alkaline batteries
  • frequence meter
  • multiple burried indication
  • U-turn alarm
  • updatable
  • 3D isotech technology
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ARVA AXIO community reviews

In the commercial ARVA product manager Pierre Henno demonstrates the company’s high-end transceiver ARVA AXIO at sporting goods exposition ISPO 16. Pierre talks about a new technology that has allowed to enhance the search range and accuracy of a digital transceiver AXIO. Afterwards he quickly goes over the main features of the device.
ARVA has released a completely new transceiver that replaced the old ARVA ProW. The main feature of the new AXIO is a full-size third antenna. The triple-antenna transceiver operates in both digital and analog modes and has a high search accuracy. Numerous tests performed by specialists from have shown that the signal reception range in the analog mode is somewhat shorter comparing to the digital mode. As in the case of many transceivers, during the search for multiple signals silhouettes of the victims are displayed on the device screen. If there is more than five victims, the device displays their total number as a “5+”. You can mute the transceiver signal of the found victim by using the marking feature. If AXIO does not detect any significant movement for 2, 4 or 8 minutes, the device automatically switches to the signal transmission mode. This feature can be adjusted or turned off altogether. AXIO is equipped with a loud speaker along with a headphone jack. Also, AXIO features a group device check function – just to be sure that all devices are working properly. The transceiver’s software is updatable. The specialists from were not completely satisfied with the process of tuning and the general usability of the device and stated that there is a plenty of more user-friendly transceivers on the market.
This video demonstrates the main innovation introduced by ARVA that really makes AXIO different. Besides that, it includes a quick showcase of the design and the usability of the device along with a brief field test in a victim search situation. The video has a low resolution, however you can clearly see the readings on the display. This indicates the good quality of the device interface.