Released year
The “Spheric Search” technology is marking the end of the well know sequence: “big antenna on primary search second antenna on secondary search and 3rd antenna on final search”. Now with the AXIO all 3 antennas are working simultaneously for a faster and smarter route search.
The new EVO4 display is more intuitive and allows you to quickly identify the number of victims involved in a search. Rounding out the features with a group–check function and the classic “clip for safe” system, this beacon is an affordable no-brainer for snow enthusiasts entering the backcountry.
Intuitiveness and performance are the keywords that help to define the NEO. The simple and powerful interface matches both the demanding needs of the most advanced users, who will be impressed by its incredible range, as well as beginners, who will appreciate the user friendliness of the beacon.
BCA Tracker DTS
The Tracker DTS avalanche transceiver is the most trusted and widely used beacon on the market because of its rapid processor and efficient user interface. A real-time digital display shows both direction and distance with bright red LEDs. As the world’s most widely used transceiver, the Tracker DTS has established a strong reputation for durability and reliability.
BCA Tracker2
The Tracker2 avalanche transceiver offers the industry’s fastest, most precise pinpointing, with triple receive antenna, instantaneous real-time display, and the same easy-to-use interface as the Tracker DTS. An intuitive mechanical search/transmit switch makes it easy to use right “out of the box.” Includes Special Mode and multiple burial indicator lights.
BCA Tracker3
The Tracker3 has Tracker2’s renowned ease of use and instantaneous real-time display-and it’s 20 percent smaller and lighter. Designed to be “pocket friendly,” T3 is the thinnest multiple-antenna avalanche transceiver available. Signal suppression and Big Picture modes for no-nonsense multiple-victim searching.
Barryvox VS 2000 Pro
The Barryvox VS 2000 Pro is an analog, single-antenna transceiver. It is available with a RECCO chip for an additional €15. Its sister beacon, the Barryvox VS 2000 Pro Ext, includes a powerful external antenna.
Mammut Barryvox
With a search strip width of 70 meters, the Barryvox® is one of the best devices in the world. We know that only an avalanche transceiver that is easy to use will save lives in an emergency, so we made fundamental improvements to the user-friendliness of the Barryvox®.
Mammut Barryvox S
Digital/analog combo device with three antennas. The new Barryvox® S has a large receiving bandwidth and an effective search strip width of 70 meters. It offers users a large, simple interface and intuitive operation. The Smart Search function provides clear instructions thanks to a simple operating concept and quick, precise searching.
Mammut Element
The Mammut Element Barryvox is three-antennas beacon from Mammut company, is a younger brother to the Mammut Pulse. It inherited core features from older brother like three-antennas, a long reception range, indicate of multiple burials, solid spike handling, good audible indication, a group check mode, and it supports firmware updates.
Mammut Pulse
The PULSE Barryvox® is a combination of a digital and analog device with three antennas. Easy. Fast. Effective. Easy: Clear instructions thanks to an easy operating concept. Fast: Fast and precise locating thanks to a 360° display and three antennas. Effective: A significant time saving, thanks to a clear ovierviewing situations involving multiple buried victims.
Ortovox 3+
With the 3+ you are in charge ! The patented SMART-ANTENNA-TECHNOLOGY ™ with intelligent position recognition automatically switches to the best transmission antenna. You will be found easier. We make no compromises in terms of searching either.
Ortovox S1+
The S1+ combines the success stories of two unique avalanche transceiver innovations: the display showing the relative position of avalanche victims and the SMART-ANTENNA-TECHNOLOGY™! Handling the device is more intuitive than ever. Once switched on, it transmits, but when opened up it switches straight to search mode.
Ortovox Zoom+
The ZOOM+ combines the simple handling with modern technology and the advanced design. Reduced to two functional buttons, the ZOOM+ concentrates on intuitive usability. The focus on the clearly designed LED-display is on the on / off switches and the switch between transmitting and searching.
Pieps DSP Pro
The PIEPS DSP PRO is the ideal support for all mountaineering pros with high demand to their beacon without any compromises. Maximum circular receiving range of 60 m due to the PIEPS 3-antenna-system. Battery lifetime min. 400 h in send-mode. Saves energy and the environment. Perfect Mark-performance due to exact signal processing without any performance losses.
Pieps DSP Sport
The PIEPS DSP SPORT is a digital 3-antenna beacon with a wide range and ONE single button for ideal support in every situation. Maximum circular receiving range of 50 m due to the PIEPS 3-antenna-system. Only ONE SINGLE BUTTON for easiest use at companion rescue. Perfect Mark-performance due to exact signal processing without any performance losses.
Pieps Micro
PIEPS MICRO is the smallest, lightest and most intuitive 3-antenna-beacon from PIEPS. Color Edition blue and red - Available Winter 2017/18! PIEPS APP via Bluetooth Device management with PIEPS-APP. Sensor-technology for easy and intuitive handling. Switches automatically from send mode to search mode. Vibration at initial detection. This lets rescuers focus on the visual surface search during the signal search.